Books in the Works

At the moment there are three books in the works and a few putting down roots in the garden. These are working titles. Both stories and titles may change (for the better, of course) before they are published.

The descriptions are light on details. Any more would be “spoilers”. Trust me that the bad guys are truly bad, the good guys truly fun and the problems must be solved.

The Crooked Fox  (The First Silly Island Adventure)

As sixth grade begins ASH TUCKER develops a strange, but cool, ability deeply connected to the island where she lives. She must quickly learn to use her gift when a trickster arrives in town. Three friends help her track the enemy nicknamed, “The Fox”.

The Mad Magpie  (The second Silly Island Adventure)

ASH and her friends are on the job again. They’ve been asked to find the petty thief, who is targeting their school. There are no clues, no tracks, and nothing is safe. Can Ash use her talents and her friends’ problem solving skills to catch “The Magpie”?


Birdy is a sixth grader with problems at home. A mysterious new neighbor and an international student enrich Birdy’s life and complicate it. Can she help them and fix her family at the same time?