I’m a writer working on middle grade fiction. Sometimes my books involve a bit of magic and sometimes they’re completely in the real world.

My world is the Pacific Northwest. I grew up partially in the dry desert-like landscape of eastern Washington and partially in the damp greens and blues of the west coast. At the moment I live on an island where stories abound. I love books, the sea, swimming, kayaking, friends, family and surprises.

I’ve always been curious about words, languages, stories and the people they represent. I studied psychology, several languages, literature and folk literature. Then I became a teacher where I learned about kids as readers, writers and storytellers.

Join me as I write about islands, stories that beg to be told, and the road to publication. Guest writers will help me explore the island and its tales. A traveling companion is always a good thing, so join me. You can follow the site and if everything works, receive a short notice when there’s a new post.