The life of an unpublished writer is an adventure. Some might find it frustrating, but most of us find it exhilarating, like riding a very large roller coaster. Lots of ups and many downs, but the thrill and the joy are all you remember.

I’m in the midst of discovering the world of writing, publishing and marketing books, especially books for kids. Would you like to join me?

I’ve completed one middle grade novel: The Crooked Fox. Of course it’s amazing and I’m beginning to look for an agent, who will love the story and the unusual characters, who inhabit it.

At the same time I’m halfway done with it’s sequel and have a third, unrelated book in the works as well. Yes, I love to write. Yes, stories seem to pop up everywhere.

As writers write, they begin to look at the world around them from a new angle. As a teacher, I lived life looking for skills and ideas that kids would need to navigate the world successfully. I watched out for fun, creative, active ways to learn.

Now I see stories wherever I go.  A decorated mailbox tells me something about it’s owner. A rusty box covered in brambles tells me another. I’m curious about the people I meet and see. What are the mysteries they live with? What makes them laugh or cry?

So, this site will include entries about the things I learn as I try to publish my marvelous manuscripts, tales uncovered as I unashamedly interview people I meet and since I live on an island there will be observations about islands and island living.

Join me on the roller coaster. We can sit up front!